Website Created by Smart Computer Service with info provided by National Kingdom USA  2014 Dermatologists and researchers in North America stubborn skin disease research center, according to the unique nature of the generation and progression of intractable skin diseases, through a large number of clinical studies, especially for separately in different regions and different ethnic incidence around the world different characteristics, access to a very rich and valuable medical resources, information and research. Through balance and repair the damaged immune systems of patients, the center helps psoriasis patients achieved complete and quick effect, and should not be repeated.  Tens of thousands of patients around the world to lift a lifelong skin disease distress and pain. The Derma-King is the product of Intractable skin diseases research center in North America. They are produced by FDA approved GMP pharmaceutical, with the highest safety standards.  Using the latest technology in extracting natural active ingredients, the product is safe and without side effects. Psoriasis commonly occur in exposed parts, such as the head, limbs, chest, back and other parts. The disease, while not life-threatening, but repeated episodes bring great pain to patient’s physical and mental health. Pathogenic and cause of morbidity roughly: 1, genetic 2, seasons related 3, infection 4, Spirit trauma , intense emotional stimuli can induce and enable occupy 40% of exacerbations, 37% exacerbation due to troubles 5, endocrine disorders 6, trauma.  Specialty Psoriasis currently be further breakthrough in the world. This disease happens mostly in the whites, followed by Asians, blacks least. Psoriasis is characterized clinically the most common type. At the beginning it’s red pimples or rash, then gradually expanding or merging to form a clear boundary patches, covered with silvery white scaly surface, gently scrape the scales reveal smooth film, and deeper may be multiple small bleeding points. These scales, films and spotting are the three clinical features of the disease. Efficacy This product has a quick, thorough treatment and recurrence characteristics.  It can quickly repair and adjust the balance of the immune system in patients with impaired control over skin regeneration. Its efficacy also includes detoxification, expelling itching, eliminating dark spots, resolve liver stagnation, maintain the balance of the patient's internal environment, and enhance disease resistance effect. This product is extracted from rare plants herbal active ingredients and produced by FDA approved  GMP Pharmaceuticals. Safe with no side effects. Efficiency as high as 90%. Over the years it improves thousands of psoriasis users around the world, well received. Directions 3 times per day, 2-3 capsules each time, after meals with warm water Derma-King helps to enhance body immunity and balance body’s functioning system.  It has the power to improve the skin blood circulation, and it also has detoxification abilities.  Derma-King alleviates itching and dry skin, derving in undamaged smooth skin. SKIN SUPPORTER Concentration extracted from natural herbal formula. Scrub the affected area 2-3 minutes while bathing, and rinse afterward. Uses: Sterilization, itching, Lotion.  Remove excess dander and enhance skin immunity. Efficacy A treatment cycle is three months, and it generally takes 2-3 cycles. Most patients has significant effect in just 1 cycle.  The total effective rate is 90%. Derma - King Psoriasis Ingredients : Lycium Root Bark, Sophora Flavescens, Salvia Root, Licorice $96 per Bottle $59 per Bottle