Website Created by Smart Computer Service with info provided by National Kingdom USA  2014 Dermatologists and researchers in North America stubborn skin disease research center, according to the unique nature of the generation and progression of intractable skin diseases, through a large number of clinical studies, especially for separately in different regions and different ethnic incidence around the world different characteristics, access to a very rich and valuable medical resources, information and research. The center through balance and repair the damaged immune systems of patients to start, so that vitiligo patients reached a quick and thorough, and the results should not be repeated thousands of dermatology patients around the world to lift the lifetime of distress and pain North America stubborn skin disease research center Vitiligo Pill are manufactured by the American FDA approved GMP pharmaceutical, with highest safety standards.  Using the latest technology in extracting natural active ingredients, safe and without side effects. Vitiligo is an acquired pigmentation discolored skin diseases. The cause is unknown, may be associated with autoimmune or metabolic disorders related to melanin. Mainly for vitiligo: white skin, white spots clear boundaries, size and shape, white hair can turn white at. Stain skin atrophy, sclerosis and scaling and other changes. Prevalent in the face, neck, back and other parts. No symptoms. Efficacy: Viti - King can Enhance local IL cured layer of melanin cells in skin texture generation. Adjust the endocrine, balance the immune system. Endocrine regulation. Complement the essence, the benefits of blood, black hair, scattered bloated. Rich in anti-retroviral immune plant factor, improve the body immunity. Diarrhea, blood detoxification. Dampness and remove dark spots, chills and itching. Convergence, dampness, breaking product line silt, Direct effect, short course, quick, without recurrence. Use: A treament is about two months, and generally takes 2-5 treatments. Most users feels significant effect in just one treament. The total efficiency of over 90%. Direction:2 times per day, 3 capsules each time, after meals with warm water Viti - King Vitiligo Pill  Viti-King helps balance immune system to release the pigmentation of the skin and recovery healthy skin color. Ingredients : Licorice, Salvia Miltiorrhiza, Safflower, Curcuma, Lycium Root Bark, Bai Zhu, Radix Astragali, Bai Zhi $96 per Bottle